Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Painting and arranging

Here's a WIP for our comic Duck and Cover. I love painting on paper- The way it takes the paint, and shows the history of brushwork. I always enjoy others artists work when I can see their hand moving across the piece. This is on Hot Pressed watercolor paper. I've done a blue underpainting here, in acrylic, then I'll move on to oils for the colour and finish.

Talking of art materials, I've finally got them organised. I wanted to set up a kind of chef's station-style area, because I often stand when I'm working and want to be able to grab any materials that take my fancy for the piece, but also keep the clutter off my workspace.

Yikes. I'm boring myself.

Have a great day. Don't take anything too seriously,



Alexiev said...

Great artwork... and desktop...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...



Alexiev Store

Bakkanekko said...

o.o wow! that painting is sooo good!

Matt J said...

What an organized, tidy studio!