Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Visual development, a short history

I've been developing a tv show here a Crew972 over the last year, and thought you might like a peek at the visual development. It's a knights and dragons-based slapstick social commentary.

... I'm still working on ways to pitch it.

Anyway, in terms of style: My catchphrase for the design style, for all the talented folks that I'll hopefully work with on this show, is 'funky medieval', -or Medifunk, or Funkieval. A quick google search tells me I might just have coined those last two. I'm hoping it will catch on, you know, like steampunk.

I took some visual reference from some gorgeous danish architecture, which despite not being medieval, were funky. It's all subjective.

-Filled a sketchbook with scratchy little drawings like this:

And then played around with colour in photoshop,

-followed it up with some very rough previs:

And then, bringing it all into CG, we mockup the look and feel, aiming for a graphic, textural look, that should in the end be the essence of Medifunk.

I'll keep you posted. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Battery Menace

How's about a bit of pulp-inspired cutout animation?

I recently had the fun task of designing this little viral for Mysh Mashko, a pair of directors over here. The brief was to get a classic b movie low-fi look. We collaged and distressed and scuffed up a bunch of photos in photoshop, and all the animation was created in flash. A soaring, ambitious picture, I think you'll find.

Oh, and I'm the guy with the gun.

See more at Mashko.com

Monday, February 2, 2009

lunchtime doodle

Tel Aviv has the best lunch time food....kebabs, felafel, humus...

-too bad I brought sandwiches.