Thursday, February 18, 2010

Death From above, p2

Spinnig a few arty plates right now, but continuing on the comic. Here's page 2, and I'm slowly getting comfortable with the look of the piece. More to come!

death from above wip-2

And (if I may) I 'm going to remind you that this is the penultimate post over here, all the action will continue over there. Please update your bookmarks :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Death from above

I’ve been looking for reasons to practice my layout and comics skills, and this weeks Illustration Friday topic, ‘Focused’ is as good as any. It was a toss up between this idea and a rabbit staring at himself in the mirror. This seemed more dynamic, in the end. I’m pretty comfortable setting up a sequence in film formats, but -er- doing comics is hard!

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to see work in progress, and may I remind you to sign in over there if you follow this blog, which I'll stop posting to in two posts time. Thanks!