Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fish Wife

This is a piece generated from a monthly Art challenge here at our studio. This month's theme:
'Hey, Mama, look what I found!' of course I drew a daughter bringing a new boyfriend back home to meet a mentally disturbed mother, who is chopping fish. To be northern and grumpy, wallowing in puritanical gloom. Or an excuse to draw lots of fish. As I worked on it I thought it was much better that the daughter was bringing back a Dad who had wandered off for years. Now he's back all clean shaven, and Mum's gone nuts. Fun!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Towns of Israel

Starting to go back into those bible stories for inspiration. I used to play around with them when I was younger, but somehow found the mental associations with religion too high a hurdle to overcome. Now, I'm older, and freer, I'm looking into doing some nifty images. At the moment I'm working on a visual language that works for me. I'm loving the way the computer lets me apply colour and make marks with absolute freedom.