Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tel Aviv Sketchcrawl

Hey, this is the last sketchbook post over here! There will be one more message from the managment, but for now please subscribe to the jpvine.com blog....


We were pretty wary of some heavy rains this weekend. Well hey, I'm british, so rain is nuthin'. But my Israeli friends are delicate flowers, so we opted for a nice cafe on Rothschild Boulevard, Tel aviv's most groovy, Bauhausy, and pleasingly human-scaled boulevard. Sketched there. Drank belgian beer on an empty stomach so sketches got wobbly. Then grabbed a gourmet burger at Moses, down the road. Nice, and simple.

A Drawing of the road:


And some of our fellow cafe dwellers. One couple did not like being sketched one bit, and went off in a huff...

This Girl had an interesting bottom lip. Glad she didn't ask to see my sketchbook.

I wound up at the pool, and thought I'd draw these old boys chewing the cud in the hot tub: