Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's in our hands....

It's in our hands...., originally uploaded by jpvine.

It's a lot of fun holding something I worked on in print- and I can imagine it will get dangerously addictive. I enjoyed an evening selling them with mycomrade Oren at the Tel Aviv animation festival yesterday. Trying to decribe the story arc of this series in Hebrew was something of a challenge, but after a couple of hours and a beer it got easier.

Big plans for the series, future editions and live painting demos. So I'll keep you posted. :)

About the comic;

Only animals have survived the last nuclear conflict, but they have been mutated by the devasting effects of the war. Duck and cover roam the chaotic earth in a mysterious mechanical egg. They are pursued by the cohorts of -er- a megalomaniac chicken, desperate to lay his hands on the egg- a miracle of human engineering. But they are yet to discover what it is capable of...

It's epic. And needless to say, a bit silly.

Concept/Script: Oren and Mysh
Interior art: Mysh
Cover: Me

Got to get back to boarding. Have a great day, jp


My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Wooooo.... I like the cover, looks very appealing, making you want to take in your hands and start reading ;)
Why won't you upload some low-res samples from the book itself? I would like to see them.

Chevat said...

Ca l'air tres sympa.

Munchanka said...

That's one badass cover. Looks like a great graphic novel!

Landish said...

Wow! This comic book is great artwork.
Good luck with this and keep making comics!
JP, Mysh and Oren RULZ!!

JP said...

haha- thanks landish!

Trent Correy said...

Fantastic blog man, really digg'n your stlye and designs, I really like the fish and your header!!

JP said...

Hi Trent, thanks for taking the time to stop by.


jriggity said...

Looks great man!

will this book hit comic shelves sometime soon?


JP said...

Hi J,

It's out in shops in tel Aviv, and we're working towards online sales very soon. Currently into book 2. Hows the film coming along?