Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Of sheep, aliens and cyber cities

I'm enjoying a celebratory gin and tonic. Finally completed 8 huge illustrations for a book involving a lot of sheep, which I'll show you as soon as I'm allowed: maybe I'll give you a peek:

Why draw just sheep when you can have aliens? I thought if would be fun to work in a few different storylines into the illustrations. Some of you from the UK might remember the 'What-a-mess' books, about an afghan hound getting up to no good- but the most fun part were the tiny little backstory characters in the background.

In other news, my other business venture The Missing link is making another online commercial short, which I'll have on here soon. Here's a Bg for you:

More to come soon. Back to the Uk tomorrow, Rain, family, and a decent pint and a curry. :)


Eric Orchard said...

Wow! So much stuff and it's all great.

JP said...

Thanks Eric!

Pat said...

hey man. nice stuff, I love that city scape.

how come you don`t participate in "Shoody Padoody" no more?
you don`t post any thing, you don`t comment on others` work, you don`t take part in our activities or the contest....

if you want out - well let me know. it`ll be a shame losing ya, but... there`s no point in keeping ya by force either, right?


justdoodleit said...

Hello JP!
Love your work. Some great drawings on this blog. Greetings from India :)