Thursday, September 24, 2009

Issue 2 in the works

Hey folks- I'm working on the cover of issue 2 of Duck and Cover, hopefully the last late night before I nip off on holiday. First up- camping with the family on the shores of Galilee, and then a few days in Greece with an old, dubious friend.

Here it is, after colour in photoshop:

And here's how it looked in inky form. The layout/sketch was done by my talented compadre Mysh. I took the sketch and figured out how the light would work in photoshop beforehand. I like this approach because you can play with light and get it figured out before you start throwing paint around.

And for you Tel Aviv folks:

We'll be presenting the project and doing some live painting at the ICON festival, Tel Aviv,
5 oct, 4 pm. Hope to see you there.

I'm off. Take care,



Francesco Malin said...

great character! A "bad duck", awesome illustration and use of color ... of course;)

Denis Zilber said...

Nice piece!
I'll try to get to the ICON, to see the whole project there:)

jriggity said...

Great Cover man!!


Eric Orchard said...

Very cool! I hope I can find a copy! Have fun.

The Griffins said...

'Dubious old friend?' - what kind of way is that to describe me!

JP said...