Saturday, July 5, 2008

She's trouble

I'm getting a kick out of collage-y forms, slapped together with rendered, textural areas- like her face. I'm trying for as much simplicity as I can.

Here's a detail;

I was up in the hills around Jerusalem this evening. Gorgeous light and air redolent with pines n' stuff. Makes me want to do some landscape, someday.



Eric Orchard said...

This is beautiful! All of your different styles are stunning. Please post some landscapes! I have relatives and friends living there but none are artists and I'd love to see something. Israel must demand to be painted and drawn.

flaviano said...

man, this blog is amazing!
all your colorfull characters are awesome!
instant fan!

JP said...

Thanks Eric- this style didn't go down well at the studio...(bit traditional round here) but there's something that intrigues me about it, so will push on. As for landscapes, I'm working on it!

Flaviano- I found you from the character design interview, and your work is off the scale. Thanks for the compliment. I hope I can get my poses and characters as strong as yours. You might have noticed, I draw round and fat pretty well, but action is a challenge for me:)

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