Wednesday, July 9, 2008

really cute

I don't usually do this kind of schtick, but I wanted to do some texture experiments, and zombie monkeys are as good as any place to start. I think deep inside there's a wannabe game designer in me. He's actually very friendly. Watercolour and photoshop. If you are interested, my almost favourite illustrator of all time, James Jean, has made some of his photoshop files downloadable so you can geek out over his use of the program to make gorgeous work a lot more gorgeous. I dig very much.



Nathan W. said...

I like this one JP~ looks like your creative groove was ON!

JP said...

Thanks dude- can't wait to have that painting session in the SoCal hills sometime!

A. said...

Hi, I'm happy to discover you and your work :) that I've already seen in Aardman productions without knowing! I really like your things (the Firenze sketch is perfect ;)
What are you doing in Tel Aviv ?____?
I'll go look for your company's website!

Chantale Boudreau said...

Again, I really like the texture of this one! :) and thanks a lot for the link of James Jean photoshop files. Really interresting!!!

JP said...

Hi Alessandro, honored to have you stop by- in answer to your question, I'm an animation director in Tel Aviv- it's a small community here, but a pretty creative one.

Keep blowing our minds with your work :)

Eric Orchard said...

This is really awesome!
Love the puking bear too!

Joseph Lee said...

Very cool! Love the attitude to this piece.

Dave said...

Really cool! Great image - I have to agree with Eric - that Bear is awesome.

Alfred said...

It´s a pleasure to have discovered your blog. There are fantastic jobs here. Congratulations for it...and I´ll be back!

Landish said...

Hi there, big talented guy!!
Great drawings you got here!
I'm your fan number one!!

Have a great week!