Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't move his bowl

It's chihuahua week at my place. I thought this might turn out funny, but he turned out a bit meaner than I planned. Don't be scared though.

On another note, my studio is in cahoots with Aardman to storyboard half of the second series
of Shaun the Sheep which I'm excited about. Looking forward to getting buried in story again. If you don't know the show, check it out- Tons of visual comedy within a very simple, typically quirky setting.



Jayster said...

He IS funny. in a mean, fierce kind of way mind. This little guy is most excellent.
PS - I love Shaun The Sheep - It's just a shame iI don't get to see it that often.

Joe Karg said...

Man, I am loving these dogs. Great stuff.


Ambera said...

I just adore you work, it's so awesome. It's been a while since I've visited this blog, but I'm never dissapointed. Wonderful stuff!

JP said...

Thanks folks!

Joe- the comics work continues to look like a frenzy of awesomeness.

Ambera- just dug into your work.


Eric Orchard said...

Congrats! shaun the shhp is probably the coolest thing going now.