Thursday, June 4, 2009

The man is a genius

I love my work. I do.
And as I get further along, I find myself more and more drawn to the design process. some of us just fit that mold- visual geeks that love to collect things together, combine random scraps of ideas and impressions, searching for the right angle of attack. We can stop and look intently at the sky and try to figure out exactly what purple-ish blue it would take to recreate it.
IF this is your thing then, go check out Lou romano's latest post showcasing tons of his design process on Pixar's UP.

I love this guy- Totally, completely creative. I just love the fact that he's working at the worlds most successful CG animation studio, and he figures things out with little model dioramas and spotlights on his desk.

Here's a great example of his searching for that elusive 'feel'- editing design visuals with music. filmaking with images. Love it.


Francis said...

Lou Romano has some great work. And so do you! I enjoy the stuff on your blog a lot.

Tom Jones said...

Just wanted to say how much I like your sketches - particularly monkey misery.

I know I definitely feel like that some days... ;-)

Luca Iacopozzi said...

great works.
I love this...
look and look again stop my...pleas

Pat said...

well you said it:
the guy IS a genius.
I`ve been following his blog since who knows when... he`s one of Pixar`s finest treasures, no doubt.
every so often I just need my inspirational fix and so I plough through his work once more.
(when there aren`t any updates, of course hehehe..)