Sunday, June 7, 2009

Iphone short

I recently completed some BGs with my erstwhile buddies, Mysh Mashko, doing a short for an Iphone App. We completed this short in three weeks, whilst doing a bunch of other work, so we are, how do you say? -fairly chuffed with ourselves.

This is the establishing BG. I love anything involving planes, yum.

And here's the short.


Denis Zilber said...

Wow! So simple and so stylish!
Great job you've done guys:)

And two weeks is pretty fast! I am working now on something similar, animated short with simple flash animation and cartoony characters, but I have only 10 days to complete it and I am alone. It's gonna be a nightmare:)

JP said...

Thanks Denis! always appreciate the comments. If you have the budget for it, maybe give Oren a call for extra animation?

Take care,

Denis Zilber said...

You know, maybe I will. Of course after I try to complete it by myself:)

Pat said...

3 weeks??...
you monsters!

hot damn it turned out fantastic.
really well done, and them BGs are deliciously awesome.



Denis Zilber said...

Yeah, Monsters Inc.:))))

Avner Engel said...

JP, this one turned out unbelievably awesome man!

I love it!

Great colour palette, brilliant character designs and so much appeal.
Well done to both of you guys.

I was wondering what did you guys use to animate it? was it all done in flash?

Sweet work mate, keep it coming!

JP said...

Hi avner, thanks!
I do BGs in photoshop while Mysh designs characters and Oren animates in Flash.


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

great work! Beautiful and entertaining.