Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey there toucan

This dude has a knowing smile. I like toucans with knowing smiles. It's coming up to the weekend, and I really should be doing a lot of storyboarding, and less painting of tropical birds.

Anyway, this guy is going to be used for an after effects test. When I get the time.



Kalo Varea said...

It´´s a funny drawning!
Great blog...greats jobs!!!

Andrea said...

Hey JP!! I got your blog in my aggregator to get my daily rate of beautiful art from you.
I love everything's in these pages.

Andrea, the geek animator from Florence :)

JP said...

Thanks kaleo!

Thanks Andrea! what about your work, got a blog or site? :)

Pop9 said...

Yeahhh !

ryan said...

cool toucan!

Eric Orchard said...

A veritable Mona Lisa of toucans!
Great colours here! So much energy is conveyed in this little piece through the colour alone.

Raluca C said...

I visit your blog for the first time:such an impressive work and great eye for colour!!!Congrats!I´ll come again!

江美琪Maggie said...

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