Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rodent ailments

This is a new body of work...Rodents with Ailments. Perhaps I'll do rodents suffering biblical plagues, in which case this fits neatly; boils.


Karen Molin said...

Hi JP,
I happend to be online when you sent the link, and went straight to your blog. WOAH!! I love this boiling rodent!!!
Your drawings are really really good!
Hope you and the family are doing well in Tel Aviv.
X Makker.

Paul Lasaine said...

How 'bout taking it one step further...like genetic mutations with rodents and animals from biblical plagues. For instance: a rodent crossed with a falling frog....or rodents with cattle disease....or swarms of flying rodents that devour crops. The possibilities are endless.

Tel Aviv, huh? Keep your head down.