Sunday, October 7, 2007

Goin' Places

I need this kind of attitude in the morning. Kids still think getting up at 6.30 is acceptable.


Karen Molin said...

Hi JP,
This is absolutely amazing!
I love the style!
Is it hand drawn? Photoshop? Please share your guru secrets.
(Please also share the secret of being dad-of-two, and have the time to do this!)
X Karen

JP said...

Hi karen..Thanks!

It's drawn, then scanned and painted in photoshop. I try to keep painting until it looks as well defined as the origonal sketch, then I delete the sketch layer...sometime it gets there, sometimes it doesn't! And the other question...I don't know. but kids are funny. Mine like to be beaten up with pillows right now, so that makes it all worth it.