Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Website up together

Ahh, Christmas is coming. I would feel christmassy if it was a big deal over here, but it's a regular work day, which in some ways is actually pretty refreshing. I can only handle so much schmaltz and consumerism. We'll make do with a walk on the beach and friends over for mulled wine in the evening :)

As usual, boarding my behind off for Aardman, and still having fun with it.

And: my website has been overhauled and filled with new work lately.

Please check it out, I'd be happy to hear any feedback.


Unknown said...

Happy Holidays JP! Amazing, inspiring work as always.

JP said...

Thanks Eric! :)

Talia Tsur said...

Hi JP!
Great to see a lot of your work together in one place.
It reminds me that I hope we can work together again one day :)

hey do you have 2 different blogs now? I noticed this one and the one on the site are not the same.

Anyway, keep updating!

JP said...

Thanks for checking it out talia, yes, i'm kinda split between the two blogs, but the plan is to gradually transfer everything to one place, the jpvine.com site.