Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grecian 2000

My friend Kris calls from Greece. He's on a round the world trip with his wife, and has taken some time to hang out in greece and volunteer with the salvation army in Thessaloniki. I've been having a crazy summer and his invite to come on a wee adventure proves irresistible.

So we met up, and took a boys road trip. Of course, he's going round europe in a classic convertible. No other way to do it, right? So we headed for a town called Meteora, famous for it's absurdly mystical monasteries, all teetering on rock pinnacles. I have a thing for things built on the tops of mountains, and it's nigh impossible to do an unappealing sketch of these places :)

I'm a real spiritual guy, you know?

And here are the wheels:

Of course- A little beach time was in order too.

The director in me demanded a decent 'road' shot. This one almost involved rolling off the back when the car changed gear. Clever
Fluffy dice an absolute necessity.

Heading through sheep country. Picture by Kris


Denis Zilber said...

Wow! Great sketches JP. Really love them:)

jriggity said...

WOW!! JAW dropping....


JP said...

Thanks! I saw a ton of climbers on those pinnacles, so would have been your kind of place :)