Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is genius

This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

The work of Nelson boles, created in flash, this is a stunning glimpse into some parallel universe. Super sound design and graphic sensibilty with gorgeous animation. This guy is off the hook.


Thierry Martin said...


Benjamin Plouffe said...

thanks for sharing.

Mateo said...

Heeeey MAN! It was a pleasure for me to add the link to your artblog. :D
I really digg your stuff, it has a great feelings and the trailer of the 'Adrenaline Lemmings' just blown me away especially the ending when is doing \m/ and screaming - YEAAAH!...

Man I like this kind of things.
Wish you lucke in your career, man and maybe one day I'll get as much experience to work with people like you and your mommablowin' Crew :D.
[I'm writing those kind of things to every favourite artist, but the world of art is so fascinating].

Oh, and ah thanks for kind words. :D

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Art Fan Ako said...

I agree with you with the sound and the graphic going together. Thanks for featuring.