Monday, April 13, 2009

Mean Mutha-taurs

Gosh, they did turn out mean lookin'. Minotaur doodle, charcoal, ink and digital.

I continue to plow through boards, a large portion of which are for Aardman's Shaun the Sheep. My crew are finally looking to wrap on more than two hours worth of story reels, so I'm very proud. It's going to be barbecue time soon :)

In other news, flowers are all over the place right now. In Israel, the seasons break down as winter (a week of rain) Spring (two weeks of explosive flowery profusion, soon to wither under the relentless sun) and.. Summer. They say Autumn exists here but so far I haven't seen any evidence.

Here's of pic of lovely wife and daughter in the flowers. If I had had a long-haired blond couple nearby I would have shot a 70's shampoo advert with them, frolicking about.