Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adrenalin Lemmings

Here's a test I directed for 'Adrenalin Lemmings', a project I created with Alex Orrelle of crew972. They came out of some rough sketches I drew about 4 years ago. I was trying to come up with something funny about koalas, but got distracted by drawing lemmings with crash helmets on in the background. So I thought it best to run with that, because koalas aren't exceptionally funny anyway.

The concept follows the activities of these four ambitious but idiotic lemmings as they use the urban jungle for their own perilous ends. It got picked up by a studio, and then got released back to crew972 again as their slate got cancelled. We're hoping somebody out there will give them a home before they explode.

The test was fun to shoot- we did it fast and dirty with a cheap camcorder, and a few health and safety infringments, hanging out of the side of the car.

Here a little vis-dev. They drive a modded lemming mobile- essentially an R/C car with the controller taped to the hood -I loved tamiya cars when I was a kid :)


Director JP Vine Producer Alex Orrelle

Cgi and animation Producer Nir Ginat

Technical Director Menashe Morobuse

Compositor Ron Ganbar

Animators: Alex Orrelle, Nir Ginat

CG Modeller: Rafi Ben Aharon

Lighting and shading: Dror Revach

Sound design: Nati Zeidenstadt, Silk city Sounds

Music: Sepultura, Ratamahatta

Produced at Crew972


zilyabr said...

Hey JP! Denis is here:) Denis Zilber if you remember.

Animation looks great same as character design. Very nice stuff you've made guys! I can assume Alex animtaed it himself with his bare pixar-trained hands?:) How long ago have you been working on it?

JP said...

thanks Denis :)Yes, Alex did animate along with Nir Ginat at the studio- we took about two months to make it.

Pop9 said...

Yeahhh, great stuff.

stillihgrip said...
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JP said...

thanks pop9...your yeahhhs brighten my day

Katya Longhi said...

O my god! this picture are very very cool... i love this chatacter, it's so funny and so beautiful. Great work, congratulation! :)

JP said...

thanks katya!

Thierry Martin said...

AHAHAHAHAAHAH c'est excellent

Cons said...

"Children! Don't imitate it"
ah ah ah

stefan said...

Ha! That looks great - well done. I hope you get some funding for it.

Barbara Cantini said...

It's very funny! I really love the characters too... You are a great team!

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

This is so cool JP! I LOVED this crazy lemming!Great animation (Alex and Nir gave him such a great attitude).

How are things going in CREW? How are you guys doing?

I'll come back to check you blog soon :)

Take care!

zulio said...

Hehehe i saw it before, great idea!!
also right chose of the sound track!

Alina Chau said...


ARI said...

Not only the animation is great but the camera movements. Congratulations.

JP said...

Thank you all! I appreciate the comment Ari, I actually scraped my knuckles on the road lying in the trunk of the car to take the low shots. Low for a lemming is LOW.

Pascual Pérez said...

that was very nice!!!

Tikku said...

This is really amazing to watch.

Great team work and new style of animation.

Inspirational work for people who are passionate in animation.

jriggity said...


I loved it.