Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cowboys and sketches

A fairly crumby elephant, but fun for warming up- charcoal.

We had my sons' birthday party this weekend. A wild west theme, that by the look of living room laid to waste at the end, was a success. I told the kids an improvised cowboy story with drawings, and my wife made the most awesome cake in history. Noah, in red, was immensely proud.


Ken said...

loving your work mate! Nice characters here.

You worked at Aardman?? Jealous here!

JP said...

Thanks ken- bizarrely, still working for Aardman, here in Tel aviv.

NWesselius said...

JP (& Sarah),
LOVE this post. Love the elephant, love the shots of Noah's b-day and that cake is incredible. This birthday party looks SO Peter Pan - Noah's expression is priceless; he's so into the story and so proud of his mom and dad. Great pics and awesome post. Wish we could have adventured to Neverland with you..
Nate & Rebeca

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