Sunday, August 24, 2008

what's with the beehives?

I love beehives and especially when they are matched with horn-rims. Comes from reading the far side endlessly as an acne-ridden teenager. The lady on the right is watercolour. Her design got out of my control but I feel she's somehow more satisfying than the digital lady on the left. If you can be bothered, tell me what you think.

Off to turkey for 5 days of floating on an air mattress, with a beer of indeterminate origin in my hand.



Pop9 said...

Where did you meet my mother-in-law ?

mrblake said...

Turkey eh? Just got back, glorious weather.

..of the two I actually prefer the sassy digital lay-de on the left...Painter perhaps??

robi pena said...

WOW, love your stile!!! Beautiful blog and wonderful works, congratulations!!! Cheers :-)!!

JP said...

pop9, She's a lovely person deep down.

Thanks mrblake- Appreciate the feedback. She's a photoshop lassie.

Robi, I'm honoured to have you drop by, thanks for your kind words!

Eric Orchard said...

You officially have the coolest life-off to turkey with a beer in my hand? then on to Africa with an elephant gun and a bottle of Laphroaig? you're right Far Side did have lots of bee hives, I have to laugh even thinking of it. Great, expressive sketches. Wondeful, I'm such a fan of your work.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Yes, the watercolor looks much better than the digital version. It got more out of control.

That's the thing about digital, we have to plan for our "out of control," and it sometimes loses the spontaneity.

Thanks for the comment.