Thursday, May 15, 2008


This octopus was inspired by a coupla things; Oktapodi, what looks set to be yet another phenomenal student film from Gobelins Ecole D'images (what do they serve in that canteen?) and James Jean- see links in sidebar- I obsess about what materials I should use to do my art- I'm the kind of person that picks up a brush pen in an art store and decides it is the future, and the very next day doing a charcoal sketch and swearing to give up all other materials. It's also wrapped up in a bit of a quest for a distinctive stamp of my own in the work. My conclusion is that I should just relax and learn to be a mixed media guy. This is something that you see in James Jean's work, taken to extraordinarily skillful levels. This combined with a visionary imagination, well.

So this is my octopus. Watercolour, ink, pastel, coloured pencil, all made invisible by some heavy photoshopping. :-)