Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heroes of the lost pyramids!

Actually, no. Just a bunch a anxious chickens. I just wanted a more snappy title to this post than the image suggested. Now I have chickens and photoshop out of my system I can go back to my lovely stinky oil paints.

Ink and photoshop.


Tevik Avakyan said...

I really like the expressions on these chicken! Thanks for posting!

Avner Engel said...

Nice work on the poses indeed, you set up the composition in a way that leads the eye in a very convincing way. Well done on that.

I was wondering how much time do you actually spend on an image as such (from production to completion)?

JP said...

Hi Avner- thanks for the comment- turns out the composition on this was almost accidental, but your comment reminds me to focus more on the viewer's experience of the image.
I took about two hours to do this I think.

Talia said...

Made me laugh!

loved it. more please.


Barbara Canepa said...

I adore the yours chickens ! ^_______^