Thursday, January 31, 2008


I painted three lemmings for three colleagues this week, who all had birthdays...this is Dudu- the nervous one...Went back to the old school of brush and gouache for this. Really enjoyed that spiritual connection of pushing colour around on a page. when I say spiritual, I mean that which makes us stop thinking about anything else- when we get lost in the 'now'. Guess we all experience that in different ways. ..anyway. scanned the images and did some photoshop cheating with this one.

Happy birthday Nir, Keren, and Yanai. Have a brilliant year.


Rongo said...

happy B-day friends, happy painting JP ma man. There's nothing like the texture and feel of paint and the scent of a sharpened pencil :-)
Have a year full of it!

Nir said...

Thanks Man!!!

It really meant a lot getting this..

In a few years, when you're big and famous, not only can I say: "I worked with this guy, he was grrrreat!", I can also sell this painting for a lot of money.. :P